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Bottling Uk was born out of my frustration to find a contract bottling partner 4 years ago when I launched Jeffries Vintage Drinks as a commercial business.

I did what all us drinks entropnenur / drinks development individuals do make a sample in my kitchen then want to scale up and take on  the world, only to find out that minimum runs are 12 to 24 pallets !!! Gulp !!!!

So I was faced with the option give up or build a factory, so I did the latter got myself a factory in Tottenham and bought some kit and made them myself.

after 6 months we launched the Bottling Uk and lowered the barrier of entry to as little as 1 bottle giving others like myself to realise there dream and have a shot at the big time.

We pride ourselves on being approachable  with an open mind and we are now the leader in the market for Kombucha , Cold Brew Coffee , Bottled Cocktails and non preservative soft drinks development & contract bottling all under one roof .

So please get in touch we are here to help and wish you to success in your contract bottling venture

Meet some of the brands we have worked with

Lee Jeffries

Managing Director



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