Are you a chef looking to market your latest sauce? A brewery looking to scale your operations? A drinks company looking to test a new product, with minimal cost?

Welcome to BottlingUK. We are experts in the area of contract bottling. Simply put, contract bottling the part of the process that turns a raw commodity into market-ready professionally packaged products. We can produce and bottle still and sparkling soft drinks, water, bottled cocktails, cold brew coffee, tonic waters, energy drinks, sauces, and olive oil.

At BottlingUK, we utilise our expertise in supply chain management to work with you along every step of your journey, and we are able to support you across the entire process.

  • Recipe Development. We specialise in developing recipes for drinks and sauces. Operating on a lead time of 8 weeks from concept to product, it’s an incredibly quick turnaround.
  • Test Runs. Not sure how much product you will need? We can facilitate test runs, enabling you to test your market without making costly mistakes.
  • Materials Sourcing. Unsure on what material is best for your product, or how best to package it? We can help, providing a comprehensive sourcing procedure as part of our contract bottling solution.
  • Shelf Life Testing. Just as important as getting your product to market is keeping it there. With any perishable, your product has a shelf life. We can test this in-house, ensuring compliancy with health & safety, and food standards regulations.
  • The bottle is only half of the story. How it looks and what is says about your company is where effective branding has the potential to explode your sales. We provide branding services to help your product really stand out.
  • Storage and Distribution. Another advantage of using our contract bottling service is our storage and distribution network. We will store your bottles, and distribute them on your behalf.
  • Introduction to Buyers. Getting your product to market can be a laborious affair. It helps to have an expert with industry contacts. Contract bottling services with BottlingUK will have access to a network of buyers, facilitating product growth trajectory, and giving your product the exposure it deserves.

How can we provide contract bottling solutions, at a great cost, and with a fast turnaround time?

Our operations are all in-house, meaning we can control the overall process, from recipe development through to packaging and order fulfillment. We leverage this control to provide a step-by-step bottling solution, which you can join at any stage of product development. This ensures a smooth product launch, and most importantly, prevents expensive marketing mistakes.