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We have our own in-house development team and technical department to help you create or commercialise your drinks brand.

Our team have an open minds which is why we lead in drinks innovation in Europe and beyond. Get it touch today for a no-obligation chat. CLICK HERE


Our expert team and drinks manufacturing plant can produce preservative- free drinks in many different bottle and can formats

-Glass from 50ml to 1 litre

-Cans 150ml up 500ml in slim, sleek and standard formats

We can accommodate a range of bottle cap closures including Crown Cap and ROPP

We have a selection of contract bottling production lines that can handle many types of drinks; still or carbonated.

Please get in touch and we will do our best to assist your business.

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Meet The Bottling UK Team


Lee Jeffries

Managing Director

Martin Thornton

Engineering Director

Maurice Newton

Commercial Director

Ben Harrison

Managing Director

James Howard

Development Director

Classic carbonated and still soft drinks

The Jeffries family have been brewing their own drinks for over half a century, all starting with Dennis Jeffries.
Den was renowned for his home brews, cooked up by himself on the kitchen stove. Money was tight back in the 60s for a lorry driver with three boys and his wife, Audrey, to support; but there was always a jar – as he called it – waiting in the pantry when he got home. 50 years on, the third generation of the family are still bottling up, with seven carefully blended flavours to make your mouth water.

The Jeffries range of soft drinks is typical of the kind of soft drink that Bottling UK can make.

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Cold Brew Coffee

‘Cold brew’ is freshly ground coffee, brewed over a longer time in cold water.

BottlingUK has been making cold brew coffee for three years and has a unique brewing process that boasts a 12 month ambient shelf-life in glass bottles.

We have produced over 1 million bottles of cold brew to date, manufacturing for leading cold brew brands worldwide.

We now brew and bottle over 10 different Cold Brew coffees including CBD Drinks

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Bottled cocktails

So, why make a bottled cocktail ?

It all dates back to 1862 when the legend Jerry Thomas created the first club cocktails, pre-made for faster service in his bars and saloons.

Jerry realised that to make a great cocktail, it is easier and faster to make in bulk and that they taste better because the cocktail flavours have time to merge and mellow, creating a unique and consistent taste.

Pre-bottling allows the perfect serve every time; removing the variability so often experienced. Bottled Cocktails can double the revenue and speed of any bar!

Bottling UK are experts in Bottled Cocktails. We can take a bar recipe and convert it to a commercial recipe……..…better still, we can bottle or can it for you as well.

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Kombucha Tea Brewing and Bottling

Wild Fizz Kombucha is a raw sparking tea packed full of live cultures, healthy enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Low in sugar, high in taste, it’s delicious and good for you.

Wild Fizz Kombucha came to life in 2016 after founder Gina Geoghegan started drinking it in America to help reduce symptoms of IBS. Once back in the UK, she couldn’t find a similar product that made her feel as good, so decided to make her own.

We use only organic ingredients, we brew the old-fashioned way and love and care for our ‘SCOBYs’ and our ‘BOOCH’ every day.

We now bottle 4 different Kombucha Teas.

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Health Shots – Body & Brain Boosters

Bottling International are experts in creating heath wellbeing shots that have upto a 14 month shelf-life.

Our specialist team have developed unique techniques to blend and bottle vitamins & powders with fresh juices.

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Juice drinks

Sansu was founded in London, in 2015 and is a premium Yuzu fruit drink. Sansu are the first company in the world to create a range of fruit drinks using Yuzu as the core ingredient.

Nourished by the sea breeze of the Far East, Yuzu plays a special role in seasonal traditions. Its juice is consumed ice cold in the summer months. Its peel is infused in teas during the long snowy winters.

Yuzu’s scarce production quantity and high costs have limited its usage. However, Sansu hope to make Yuzu more accessible in a ready-to-drink format.

BottlingUK have worked with Sansu for 3 years helping them grow into a global brand.

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Tonics and Mixers

We make a wide range of mixers for spirits (or solus consumption) both in cans and glass bottles. These can be juice based, carbonated, traditional or with new age flavours, low sugar or sugar free.

Two Keys were one of our development projects; an example of a super premium mixer range in cans and glass.

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Hand Sanitiser

As a contract bottler, we have been able to assist new clients in bottling hand sanitiser.

Recently we have filled 10ml bottles, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1 Litre and 5 Litre bottles with a variety of caps or spray fittings and

Simply send us the raw materials; bottles, caps, labels and boxes and we will put your hand sanitiser together.

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e-Liquid refills

BottlingUK is now producing over 1 million E-Liquids per month in its Unique ISO compliant cleanrooms on two dedicated lines, ranging from 10ml upwards.

We offer clear reporting and affordable services to prepare your business for the Tobacco products Directive. Bottling UK has significant experience with all parts of the process required for a successful TPD submission and can help you through every step.

As your partner, we’ll help ensure your business is well positioned for the future.

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Speciality Drinks

Since Bottling UK started in 2015 we have been assisting entrepreneurs in launching new and exciting types of drinks. One of our first was Rosemary Water; www.rosemarywater.com

More recently we have led development in CBD drinks development, often combining our know how from other sectors like Cold Brew Coffee.

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